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Why should I get hurricane shutters?
They protect against wind and wind-borne debris. These shutters protect not only the windows or doors they cover, but also possessions and people inside the building. Once a window or door has been breeched by hurricane winds tremendous pressure is brought to bear on interior walls and upward pressure on the building's roof. This can lead to roof failure which exposes the entire contents of the building to the storm. Shutters are a first line of defense against the hurricane.

FEMA 361 Hurricane Shutters

The strongest hurricane shutter ever designed and the ONLY shutter designed that meets FEMA criteria. The FEMA 361 Hurricane Shutter offers protection for winds up to 220 mph!

What Type of Structures Need FEMA 361 Hurricane Shutters?

FEMA recognizes that protection of Critical & Essential Need Facilities is a top priority. These facilities should not be severely damaged during a major wind event. The immediate response from these facilities to provide emergency services to their communities after a hurricane is essential. Therefore 100 % grant money is available for communities that harden Critical & Essential Need Facilities using the FEMA 361 criteria.


FEMA 361 criteria was written as a guideline for private companies to design and manufacture protective devices, techniques, and engineering that provide "NEAR ABSOLUTE PROTECTION" for Critical & Essential Need Facilities . It is also a guideline for communities to design new facilities and harden existing structures.


The criteria is based on a once in 1000 yr Major Wind Event . It not only addresses the survivability of a structure, but also addresses the safety of personnel during the storm and the functionality of the structure after the storm. These facilities will have personnel occupying them. Every FEMA361 component added to a structure will enhance that structures functionality and survivability.

Watch the test impact video of the FEMA 361 Hurricane Shutter

Why Would I Need FEMA 361 Hurricane Shutters?

Only Shutters meeting FEMA 361criteria of "Almost Absolute Hurricane Protection" FEMA 361 can protect openings from damage of a category 5 hurricane.


In 2004 There were no Shutters meeting the FEMA 361 Criteria To protect Lee and Charlotte Counties.

Hurricane Charley caused 55% of all Fire and police stations off line due to damage in Lee & Charlotte counties in Florida.


77% of all Fire and Police Stations had major damage to doors .

"If fire and police stations cannot remain operational during an event,
the community loses a valuable and important part of its emergency response capability. "


- Mitigation Assessment Team Report
Hurricane Charley in Florida


Observations, Recommendations, And Technical Guidance
FEMA 488 / April 2005


Benefits of the FEMA 361 Hurricane Shutter

The FEMA 361 hurricane shutter has a wind speed rating of 220 MPH matches F-3 tornado wind speeds.


By its superior protection of large openings, it will allow a greater percentage of critical need facilities to stay online.


With it's superior impact rating it will minimize personal injury from debris penetration through protected openings at fire & police Stations & EOC s.


It almost eliminates door failure which can lead to over pressurization and catastrophic failure of entire facilities.


It's required deflection requirement will allow doors to be functional after the storm for quick deployment of emergency equipment & personnel.


It will minimize damage reducing cost to public critical need infrastructure.


Being highly durable, most major wind events and debris strikes will not minimize it's protective effectiveness over time.

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