Hurricane Solutions is proud to donate 2% of the total bill (less sales tax) for any residential hurricane shutter installations to charitable organizations. See more about our Hurricane Solutions for Charites initiative.
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State Pays Half

At this time, there are
no funds for this program.


A "matching grant" means that for every dollar of the homeowner's own money spent on a wind resistance upgrades the state program will provide an additional dollar to help pay for the upgrade, up to a maximum grant of $5,000.


For Example:
If the recommended improvements you have done cost $3,000, the state would reimburse you $1,500 and you would pay $1,500.


If the recommended improvements you have done cost $20,000, the state would pay $5,000 and you would pay the other $15,000.


Low-income homeowners will be eligible for $5,000 grants with no match required. The My Safe Florida Home program is working with local governments and the Volunteer Florida Foundation to offer low-income homeowners the opportunity to strengthen their homes against natural disasters.


Why should I bother with shutters if I live in an evacuation zone? 
Shutters will protect your house and possessions from wind damage whether you are there or not. If the storm surge should reach your home then the shutters won't protect against the flood of water. But not every place in the evacuation zone will flood. You should take every reasonable precaution to protect your property.


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