Hurricane Solutions is proud to donate 2% of the total bill (less sales tax) for any residential hurricane shutter installations to charitable organizations. See more about our Hurricane Solutions for Charites initiative.
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Should I put shutters over my doors?
Obviously sliding glass doors, French doors or any door with considerable glass in it should be protected. Some double doors or garage doors should either be shuttered or reinforced. In Hurricane Andrew many of these type doors gave way.

Hurricane Protection

hurricane protection
Landshutters offers the best in hurricane protection products for your home. Hurricane protection is what we do! Let the hurricane protection experts at Landshutters consult you on the best products to help protect your home from a hurricane. Here are some hurricane protection tips for residents living in areas affected by hurricanes:

Know the storm surge history and elevation of your area. Is your home in a flood zone? What can you do to prevent flood damage? See our flood bag products to protect your home from hurricane damage and flooding. Hurricane protection products are a great investment for your home.

hurricane protection
 Know the safe routes and evacuation routes in your area. Where do you need to go in case of a bad storm or hurricane? Where are your local hurricane shelters? Have hurricane protection information on hand for you and your family.

Have your hurricane equipment ready.
Do you have flashlights and batteries? A battery powered radio? Generator? Make sure all your hurricane protection equipment is in working condition. Have non-perishable food and water supplies.

hurricane protection
 Check your home and yard for debris. Flying objects can cause considerable harm to your home in the event of a hurricane or strong storm. Check your yard for fallen debris, tree limbs, and patio funiture or accessories. Move these items into your home so that they do not get damaged or cause damage to your home during a hurricane. Sometimes the best hurricane protection comes from preventative measures taken ahead of time.

Hurricane Protection for your Home
If you have hurricane shutters from Landshutters, be sure to engage the shutters before the storm arrives. Give yourself ample time so that you do not have to go outside in the rain or during the storm. If you have hurricance shutters on a vacation home, be sure to always close the shutters when you leave to protect your home from hurricances and to secure it from burglaries. The shutters will not work as hurricane protection if they are not properly engaged and covering your home's windows and doors.

Hurricane protection is our utmost concern! Landshutters provides a variety of hurricane protection products to help you protect your home from hurricane damage.
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