Hurricane Solutions is proud to donate 2% of the total bill (less sales tax) for any residential hurricane shutter installations to charitable organizations. See more about our Hurricane Solutions for Charites initiative.
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Should I put shutters over my doors?
Obviously sliding glass doors, French doors or any door with considerable glass in it should be protected. Some double doors or garage doors should either be shuttered or reinforced. In Hurricane Andrew many of these type doors gave way.

Hurricane Shutters

Landshutters sells the very best in hurricane shutters and hurricane shutter related products. We offer hurricane shutters to help protect you and your home from wind and water damage during a storm.

What types of hurricane shutters do we offer?

hurricane shutters
Accordian Hurricane Shutters
Accordion hurricane shutters are made of strong extruded aluminum bolted together by stainless steel so they don't rust. Accordion hurricane shutters are designed to withstand winds and potential impact in a "Category 5" hurricane, and are engineered to meet all of the most stringent requirements of the new Florida building code passed in January 2002. Anyone can safely and easily close and open accordion shutters in the event of a hurricane without the use of a ladder.

hurricane shutters
Bahamas Hurricane Shutters
Bahamas hurricane shutters provide an elegant, tropical touch to your home's decor. In addition to architectural elegance, Bahamas shutters are an attractive alternative for hurricane protection, shade for your home from the hot Florida sun, and provide an extra, essential layer of security.

hurricane shutters
Rolling Hurricane Shutters
Roll shutters are the most convenient and popular storm and security protection available today. This is a product easily designed into your home so there is little or no visual proof they are there until you close them.

Studio Star Roll-Up Hurricane Shutters
The Studio Star is a unique hurricane shutter that will protect virtually any shaped opening! Ideal for all triangular, arched and unusual shaped windows. All shutters are designed to protect buildings from the worst of storms, the most determined burglar, the brightest sunlight and the most variable thermal conditions imaginable.

hurricane shutters
Hurricane Storm Panels and Shutter Screens
Storm panels are an effective and affordable type of hurricane shutter protection. Safety edges have been added to panels recently to make them safer to install when a hurricane is approaching.

Landshutters is located in South Florida and offers service to areas between Broward and Flagler Counties. A list of Florida counties we provide hurricane shutters to:

Broward County, FL
Palm Beach County, FL
Martin County, FL
St. Lucie County, FL
Indian River County, FL
Brevard County, FL
Volusia County, FL
Flagler County, FL
St. Johns County, FL
Duval County, FL

Landshutters provides the best in hurricane shutters and hurricane related products to protect your home from hurricane damage. Using hurricane shutters is an investment in your property!
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