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Should I put shutters over my doors?
Obviously sliding glass doors, French doors or any door with considerable glass in it should be protected. Some double doors or garage doors should either be shuttered or reinforced. In Hurricane Andrew many of these type doors gave way.

Hurricane Shutters Broward County, Florida

Landshutters provides the best in hurricane shutters to Broward County residents. Broward County is susceptible to being hit or brushed by hurricanes. According to, Broward County gets brushed or hit by hurricanes every 2.6 years and is statistically due to be hit by a hurricane by the end of hurricane season of 2009.

What can you do to prepare your home for hurricane?
Landshutters provides many different types of leading hurricane shutters for Broward County, FL. Landshutters also serves the East coast of Florida from Broward County north to Duval County.
Landshutters provides hurricane shutters and hurricane protection products in a simple and affordable manner. Landshutters will consult you on the best choice for hurricane shutters or hurricane protection products for your Broward County home or business. The best thing you can do to prepare for a hurricane is talk to hurricane shutter experts BEFORE a storm hits. Waiting until a storm is approaching to install hurricane shutters is not a good idea! Call Landshutters now about hurricane shutters for Broward County homes and businesses.

Broward County Hurricane Preparedness Guide
Here is an excerpt from the Broward County Hurricane Preparedness guide on window shutters:

Shutter Your Windows

hurricane shutters broward county

"If you already have shutters, now is the time to make sure they're in good working condition. For accordion or roll-down shutters, test to see if they open and close easily, clear track of obstructions and lubricate. For panel shutters, check for excessive wear or rust on connectors.

Using plywood may be a more economical way of covering windows, but may not offer enough protection. Metal hurricane-resistant shutters are preferred. If you use plywood, make sure it is at least 5/8' thick and use the proper anchors and support beams.

Make sure shutters have the Miami-Dade County Product Approval or a Florida Building Code Product Approval.

Shutters should be installed by a licensed professional and inspected by a government agency such as your city's building code department.

DO NOT USE TAPE! Tape will not keep the window from breaking.

Do not leave any window open for equalizing pressure between the inside and outside of your home. It is not necessary and could be a dangerous mistake. "

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Call Landshutters today for more information about hurricane shutters, Broward County, FL.

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