Hurricane Solutions is proud to donate 2% of the total bill (less sales tax) for any residential hurricane shutter installations to charitable organizations. See more about our Hurricane Solutions for Charites initiative.
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Hurricane Shutters

Roll Up Shutters


Roll shutters are the most convenient and popular storm and security protection available today. This is a product easily designed into your home so there is little or no visual proof they are there until you close them.

Roll-up style shutters can be installed easily on existing buildings. Regardless of the type of installation, the benefits are the same.

Rolling shutters can be operated using electric motors, manual gears or a pull-tape system. Roll shutters can be operated inside or outside of the building. A multiple roll-shutter installation using electric motor operators can have a central control system that will open and close shutter s on a schedule or automatically close all shutters if the wind exceeds a preset limit.


Studio Star (Roll Up Shutters)

Hurricane Shutters

The Studio Star roll up hurricane shutter is a unique shutter that will protect virtually any shaped opening! Ideal for all triangular, arched and unusual shaped windows. All shutters are designed to protect buildings from the worst of storms, the most determined burglar, the brightest sunlight and the most variable thermal conditions imaginable.


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