Hurricane Solutions is proud to donate 2% of the total bill (less sales tax) for any residential hurricane shutter installations to charitable organizations. See more about our Hurricane Solutions for Charites initiative.
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Should I put shutters over my doors?
Obviously sliding glass doors, French doors or any door with considerable glass in it should be protected. Some double doors or garage doors should either be shuttered or reinforced. In Hurricane Andrew many of these type doors gave way.

Studio Star Shutter is the most unique shutter manufactured in the world. The technology and engineering that goes into each shutter has been tested and developed over the last 35 years throughout this continent and all of Europe. All of the special components have been designed specifically for the shutter system including the drive mechanism and the slat extrusions. Slidelocker technology had to be engineered to maintain curtain stability and continuosly hold the true shape of the shutter.


With the Studio Star, every homeowner can now protect every opening from the elements of a rolling shutter product. Arch-topped windows, trapezoidal shaped windows and even rectangular openings with little room at the top for a normal shutter housing can all be covered to give the home a uniform appearance.


  • Extruded Slat Profiles derived from German technology utilizes RCE40 extruded double wall slat profile giving you Hurricane Protection along with Sun Control, Noise Reduction and Security
  • Heavy duty RCE40 slat profile has been tested to withstand hurricane force winds and passed several building code approval tests
  • Advanced Engineered Motor and Drive System with special cluth and break attachments
  • Specialized Pully System that Integrates with Motor
  • Custom Framework to accomodate each Specific Opening
  • All curved guide rails are CNC machine bent to ensure perfect fit
  • Available in 3 standard colors. Light Beige, Cream, White. Custom colors availble.
  • Syntetic Fiber Cord Provides Strenth, Flexibility and Weather Resistanance

  • Limited Life Time Warranty
  • Discounted Insurance Premiums
  • Redcuced Energy Costs and Increased Insulation Factors
  • Increased Property Value
  • Protection from Sun and Provides Shade

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